Pastor Antuan Guran and Family

2021 Christmas Missions Project


Our Christmas Missions Project for this year is The Next Generation Ministry of Pastor Antuan Guran and International Needs in the majority Muslim nation of Turkey.


I know Pastor Guran personally. I have worshipped with his congregation in Istanbul. I have seen first hand his commitment to the gospel.


The Next Generation Ministry is the branch of IN Turkey that focuses on raising the next generation of Christ followers in Turkey. Through summer camps, holiday celebrations, fun games and activities, online evangelism through YouTube, and other avenues, the team in Turkey is ministering to Turkish and refugee children who are hungry for the good news of Jesus Christ.


The Next Generation Ministry hosts Easter and Christmas festivals for Turkish children as well as for refugee children. These festivals celebrate the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Children often attend the festivals with their parents, creating opportunity for more people to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. The events are held in three different cities with 100 people attending.


There are two specific evangelism projects planned for 2022 that Redeemer Church can help fund:


  •        2022 Easter celebrations (2) and Christmas celebrations (2) for 100 children: $2,400
  •        2022 Black Sea Summer Camp for 40 Turkish and refugee children: $4,890


We have set a goal of $5,000 for this year’s Christmas Missions Offering. 100% of what you give will go directly to Pastor Guran to help fund these two evangelism outreaches.


We will receive this offering each Sunday through Christmas. Designate your gift in Sunday’s offering by writing “Turkey” or “Christmas Missions” on your envelope.


You can give securely online NOW at this link: TURKEY EVANGELISM OUTREACHES


Thank you for your faithful support of missions through your church!