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Episode 32: Bob Dutko Responds to Pastor Paul's Wayne Grudem Interview

Jan 2, 2024    Bob Dutko

On December 28 Pastor Paul was the guest host on The Bob Dutko Show on WMUZ-FM 1035 in Detroit (Michigan's Most Listened To Christian Talk). During the program, Paul interviewed theologian Dr. Wayne Grudem about his Newsweek op/ed calling on President Trump to drop out of the Republican Primary race for the nomination for president. The essence of Dr, Grudem's argument is that Trump cannot win enough of the independent voters to win the general election. However, Dr. Grudem unequivocally stated that if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, he will vote for Donald Trump.

As expected, many of Bob's listeners responded angrily to the interview, hearing only criticism of Trump when in reality the majority of the interview was not negative on Trump, but merely a discussion of the political realities.

When Bob returned to the host chair he responded. Bob and Paul had a private conversation prior to Bob addressing this issue on his program on Tuesday, January 2, 2024. All is well between Pastor Paul and Bob Dutko.