A Reformed Baptist Congregation in Waterford, Michigan

The Old Man and the Seer

Oct 30, 2022    Pastor Paul Edwards

What are the consequences when we spurn the grace of God and presume that we have gotten away with our sinful behavior because He has not judged us?

Eli's two sons, Hophni and Phineas, had profaned the tabernacle through their abuses of the sacrificial offerings (2:12-17) and their immoral behavior with the women who served the tabernacle (2:22). After Eli gave them a warning which they could not heed (2:23-25), Eli is visited by a mysterious, unnamed "man of God," a seer who gives him a foreboding message of judgment from the Lord: the house of Eli will be eradicated and a faithful priest over a sure house will take Eli's place.