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I Read the News Today - Oh, Boy

Dec 11, 2022    Pastor Paul Edwards

Where is the glory? That is the question permeating the entire narrative of Chapter 4, ending with the plaintive cry of a mother who, with her dying breath exclaims, "Ichabod! The glory of the Lord is exiled!"

1 Samuel 4 is a drama in two acts. Act One (4:1-11) recounts what happens when we use God for our own selfish ends rather than submit to Him and obey His covenant. Act Two (4:12-22) is the record of God fulfilling His word to Eli, first spoken to Eli through a mysterious man of God in chapter 2, and then confirmed by the Lord Himself in His word to Samuel in chapter 3, that the Lord intends to eradicate the house of Eli.

That word is confirmed through the word of a messenger who runs 23 miles in one day to bear the news that Israel is defeated, with 30,000 plus dead on the battle field, the sons of Eli are dead, and the ark of God has been captured.